【cheatsheet】WP-Members shortcode


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WP-Members Pages and Forms

pages shortcodehow to use
login[wpmem_form login]login form
*If you display it while logged in, a screen will be displayed where you can perform logout operations.

To specify the page to transition to after login, describe as follows.
[wpmem_form login redirect_to="/top"]
signup[wpmem_form register]signup form

If you want to display the user profile screen when the logged-in user transitions to the member registration screen, describe as follows.
[wpmem_form register]
profile[wpmem_profile]profile form
The link below will be displayed.
*Member information change screen
*Password change screen

If you are not logged in, the login screen will be displayed. By default, the login form is displayed at the bottom of the screen, but you can hide the login form by adding the following parameters.
[wpmem_profile register=hide]
user edit[wpmem_form user_edit]user edit form
Since the login is not judged, it is necessary to use it together with the login status short code.
password edit[wpmem_form password]password edit form
Since the login is not judged, it is necessary to use it together with the login status short code.
forgot username[wpmem_form forgot_username]Notify registered email address if you forget your username
*Available only when logged out. Nothing is displayed when you are logged in.

WP-Members Login Status

statusshortcodehow to use
logged in[wpmem_logged_in]
You must be logged in to view this page.
Determine if you are logged in. If the verdict is true, it will execute what is enclosed in code. It is also possible to display it only to users with specific IDs and privileges.
[wpmem_logged_in id="123,345,456"]
Show only to users ID 123 or 345 or 456[/wpmem_logged_in]

[wpmem_logged_in role=editor]
Show only to users with editor privileges
logged out[wpmem_logged_out]
Signup is here
Determines the unlogged-in status. If the verdict is true, it will execute what is enclosed in code.

WP-Members User fileds

fileldsshortcodehow to use
username[wpmem_field user_login]Show user name of logged-in user
name[wpmem_field first_name]
[wpmem_field last_name]
Display the first and last name of the logged-in user respectively
email[wpmem_field user_email id="123"]Display the email address of the logged-in user

WP-Members Mail

fieldsshortcodehow to user
blogname[blogname]Blog name set on the admin
username[username]Username set on the admin
paeeword[password]Password of registered user
email[email]Email of registered user
sign up link[reglink]URL of the page registered by the user as a member
user profile[user-profile] User profile screen URL set on the management screen
expire type[exp-type]*Valid only if the subscription has an expiration date
expire date[exp-date]*Valid only if the subscription has an expiration date
login link[login] Login URL set on the admin
register link[register] Signup URL set on the admin
confirm link[confirm_link]Valid only when the link for confirming the email address is set.
password reset link[reset_link]Password reset screen URL If you are already logged in, the URL of the member information change screen

WP-Members Others

fieldsshortcodehow to use
logout link[wpmem_logout]To change the text, write as follows
logout is here
login/logout link[wpmem_loginout]Different login / logout links are provided according to the user's login status. When specifying the text, describe as follows.
[wpmem_loginout login_text="login" logout_text="logout"]
show user count[wpmem_show_count]Display the number of registered users. With so many options available, you can do a variety of aggregations.
[wpmem_show_count role="subscriber" label="Total Users:"]
avatar[wpmem_avatar]Displayed when the user's avatar is set.